Aluminator® FC IFR

Full Contact Internal Floating Roof    


HMT’s ALUMINATOR® FC full-contact floating roof was introduced to the market in 2007 with one purpose in mind: to provide the best available technology in aluminum full-contact internal floating roofs. This game-changing IFR technology is the only system available that delivers top-tier performance in four key areas: emissions reduction, tank safety, tank working capacity/heel-reduction capabilities and durability. The ALUMINATOR® FC offers all the advantages of conventional aluminum IFRs with the robustness of steel. The ALUMINATOR® FC was created through superior innovation, utilizing high industry standards and under the guidance of API 650 Appendix H.

For a strong, durable and safe floating roof, with zero deck-seam emissions; choose the ALUMINATOR® FC full-contact floating roof.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT ALUMINATOR® FC primary benefits include:
  • Strength and durability — withstands high flow rates and operating loads; longer life span and reduction in maintenance versus existing IFRs
  • Improved emissions versus existing steel and aluminum IFRs — eliminates all emissions from deck seams and leg penetrations
  • Improved safety versus existing IFRs — easily and confidently certify gas-free; suspension system can be adjusted from outside the tank, eliminating the need for confined-space entry
  • Increase tank working capacity and reduce heel — reduces the total IFR profile to maximize working capacity; low profile, low suspension to reduce heel
    Key Design Features
  • System of buoyant pontoons with no internal fillers; each pontoon is constructed of extruded structural aluminum framing and aluminum panels for excellent strength and rigidity
  • Unparalleled buoyancy ratio (5x dead load) and excellent redundancy; more than double the buoyancy required by API 650
  • Seal welding between panels qualifies as zero-deck-seam construction
  • Heavy duty rim to create excellent strength and durability at the perimeter; easily equipped with any seal system
  • Open-cavity design to facilitate gas-free certification of panels
  • Low profile allows optimized tank working capacity
  • Available in non-welded (bolt-together) option